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Fit Berdy :This is often huge. It is additionally a terribly difficult factor to find during a home based business. However you'll notice one if you search. Do not join a fitness/nutrition business unless it has this rating. This can be like insurance for your business. I actually have been involved with corporations within the past who has bad ratings from the BBB. Of course the leaders in the company would just chalk that up to disgruntled, or lazy distributors, or ignorance. Well that will or may not be the case but why not associate with a company with an "A" rating in the first place.

Many individuals check the BBB first when considering buying product or joining a corporation. This is often a good thing. That means they are a good shopper and good potential team member. The credibility added to one's business by having an "A" Rating from the Better Business Bureau may be a huge advantage when attempting to get customers or distributors.


Does the corporate pay millions in advertising?

Everyone has seen their product on infomercials. This company does it right. They check and test and test till they get it right then they're going into mass advertising mode. As I write this text they have the #1 and #2 prime selling fitness products within the country.

The MLM gurus can tell you that word of mouth or web promoting is all you need. While these are terribly necessary, it's a good feeling to grasp that your company invests big dollars in growth through mass advertising. And if you discover a corporation that puts those new customers into your organization, you have got done well.

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